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How the utility sector is leading the way for Kentucky’s record economic growth

By Jeff McDanald

Kentucky’s economy is booming, coming off the best two years of economic development ever, and Kentucky’s utilities sector is playing a significant role in the growth trend.

If you’re a leading a company looking at expansion, greenfield projects or relocation, you can’t afford not to call on Kentucky’s top-performing and award-winning utilities that are helping businesses navigate the challenges and prosper in today’s business climate.

At first blush, utilities aren’t often seen as a go-to resource for businesses looking to start or expand their operations. Utilities may be viewed as an important, but not crucial, piece of a larger puzzle that might include workforce, related industry presence, suitable sites, logistics and regulatory issues.

However, the players in Kentucky’s utilities sector are often extending their influence into many areas, which is not so remarkable considering the enormous importance of abundant water and affordable electric power for any business.

More than 20% of Kentuckians depend on Louisville Water Co. for drinking water. As a regional provider, Louisville Water partners with other utilities to deliver its product to communities in Bullitt, Hardin, Nelson, Shelby and Spencer counties. Its average production for Louisville Metro and surrounding counties is 124 million gallons daily. Read More…