Edelen Renewables Hazard Office

Hazard Kentucky
The Queen City of the Mountains

Edelen Renewables Hazard OfficeEdelen Renewables, a pioneer in the renewable energy landscape, has a new location in Hazard—affectionately known as the “Queen City of the Mountains”—in Perry County, Kentucky. With a commitment to Social Impact SolarSM, Edelen Renewables’ approach focuses on authentic community engagement, workforce development partnerships, and providing substantial job opportunities along with credentialed skills training.

Hazard’s rich history and strong community ethos make it a perfect location for Edelen Renewables. The company and our partners are dedicated to facilitating the continued vitality of regions like Appalachia, whose coal and vigor have historically powered America. Edelen Renewables is driven by an aim to provide opportunities in the burgeoning green economy, ensuring that communities integral to America’s industrial past continue to flourish and deliver resilience for our nation’s energy demands.

Edelen Renewables deploys a community-centric approach. From land acquisition, fostering public engagement, and navigating regulatory processes, to securing corporate offtake agreements, the company is committed to delivering real, impactful results.

From the “Queen City of the Mountains,” Edelen Renewables aspires to honor Hazard’s storied past and the community’s resilient spirit to spearhead economic transformation to lend to a bright future.

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We have the experience and capacity to manage every step of the process and deliver turnkey solutions for those with a genuine climate commitment.